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Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are very popular with all age groups. One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given as a child, was to learn the piano. I am forever grateful for that. As a music teacher it is one of the most useful skills I could have, but it's far more useful than just accompanying woodwind students or teaching the piano. 

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There are several different tutor books I use, depending on the age of the student. With young children I use "Tunes for Ten Fingers" by Pauline Hall, for older children/adults I use "Piano Time", also by Pauline Hall, which has a series of books differing in styles.

If I take on a student who is already learning, I am happy to use which ever book they have been using, as long as they are happy with it and they are making progress.

I am a persistent teacher when if comes to hand position and fingering. I don't really remember my first teacher correcting me on fingering very much and I got to about grade 6 when I became aware that I kept playing wrong notes as my fingers felt like they were getting tied in knots. I know children hate learning scales and doing exercises, as do we all, but when you understand their importance it becomes part of your daily routine. 

The piano I have in my music room is a digital one. I was lucky enough to learn on an acoustic one, but had to sell it a few years ago due to it starting to show its age.  

The feel of a digital piano is not the same as an acoustic. They are more reliable and they don't have to be tuned. As yet, I haven't had any problems with my Roland.

Some of my students who learn piano aren't fortunate enough to even have a digital piano, they have an electric keyboard. This is not ideal, but is OK to get someone started. I recommend as soon as they know they are going to carry on learning, it would be best to purchase an acoustic instrument. I heard on the radio recently that as so many people are swapping to digital, acoustic pianos are really cheap. They sound so much better, They are so much nicer to play. They are so much more responsive. I would love to have another acoustic if I could.


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