Lessons tailored to suit individual needs

Individual lessons are usually the best and most productive way of learning to play a musical instrument. Everyone learns at different speeds and has their own unique understanding. 

With individual lessons, you can go at your own speed and learn the music you want as well as broadening your musical horizons.

If you are completely new to learning an instrument, during the first lesson, not only will you be shown how to put the instrument together if needed (clarinet, saxophone, flute) but you will be taught how to blow and hold the instrument as well as the first few notes.

Depending on how that goes, you may be shown how to play your first tune and basic techniques.

Learning to blow a wind instrument can take a while. Your muscles need to be trained.

I usually get my students playing a little before learning to read the music. 

Although it is stated above that individual lessons are more productive, to gain an overall musical understanding playing with others is essential. 

I often accompany on the piano in lessons, as well as any performances (concerts or exams) or plays duets. 

The best way of playing with others is to join a band or ensemble. Finding one of the right level is important. There are many bands in the Bournemouth area, but  mine is unique. 

No Strings Attached is a woodwind group for adult learners. Please click on the tab at the top for more information, or on the photo of me with my clarinet to go direct to the No Strings Attached website.

I now offer lessons via Skype or similar. Please co not hesitate to get in contact is this suits you better.



SEPTEMBER 2020 - Free Toot or Dood 


Valid September 1st - 30th 2020

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Toot and Dood lessons now available.

A toot is played to the side like a flute.

It is smaller than a flute.

The main difficulty with the flute is getting a sound out, but the toot comes with 2 lip plates: 1 which is like a recorder, so the mouth position is easy and the 2nd is like that of the flute, so the quality of sound will depend on the mouth position.

The fingering is the same as a recorder so can be used as a stepping stone between the recorder and the flute.

It is cheap (around £30) light weight and comes in a variety of colours.

The dood is like a small clarinet.

It has a reed like a clarinet, but is plastic so lasts much longer.

The fingering is the same as the recorder so the dood can be used as a stepping stone between the recorder and the clarinet.

It is cheap (around £30) light weight and comes in a variety of colours.